A Vibrant Economy That Leaves No Ohioan Behind

Bring Ohio Jobs Home 

Ohio has lost 50,000 manufacturing jobs to Mexico and Red China since 1994. Countless more jobs in technology, engineering, medical and more have been lost or are in danger. When Ohio loses jobs, Ohioans lose paychecks – and Ohio families are torn apart. It’s time to bring Ohio jobs home. The Bring Ohio Jobs Home initiative will focus on relocating jobs and factories from overseas and other states back to Ohio.

Train Ohioans for the Jobs of Today and the Future

We need to invest in our number one resource: our people. Ohioans’ work ethic is second to none. And when we invest in our workforce and harness the expertise we have in our private sector, labor and academia, we can produce real results.

Reliable, Affordable Energy 

Energy is an Ohio strength, let us keep it that way by nurturing clean burning natural gas, reliable zero emission nuclear power, more stable wind and solar technologies, and ramp up clean coal technology and scrubber systems that will meet the needs of Ohioans while offering a cleaner environment.

A Greater Society

Restore The Ohio Family 

It’s time for our government to reflect our shared priorities and encourage marriage, family and an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. We cannot truly break the cycle of poverty until we break the cycle of failed, costly government programs that too often perpetuate the status quo. We can work to align all of our resources to encourage marriage and two parent families in the future, as we know this model offers the most hope for prosperity.

Local Control of Our Schools

NO Common Core

Jim Trakas opposes Common Core. He believes Ohio needs to reduce student testing so teachers can spend more time teaching and students can spend more time learning. Ohio also needs to take pages from the discipline and curricula of The Greatest Generation to foster better prepared young people for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Less experimentation and testing, more proven models of success for Ohio schools.

Our Fair Share of State Funding

We have some of the best schools in Ohio. It’s time for our schools to get a better deal from Columbus. Your hard earned tax dollars are shipped to Columbus every year to pay for other children’s education, and meanwhile, we get stuck with higher property tax bills. This is dead wrong, and Jim Trakas has a plan to stop the “Robin Hood” school funding formula by keeping more of our hard-earned tax dollars right here in our community.

Career Tech Expansion

Tens of thousands of Ohio employers are looking for skilled laborers. Not everyone has to go to college, good jobs await in the skilled trades, and our Career Tech schools offer career the pathway to these careers. A greater emphasis on Career Tech schooling can be a huge benefit to Ohioans.

Affordable, Quality Education That Leads to Prosperity and Employment

Affordable Higher Education 

A critical need, the Trakas Plan calls for increasing state support, while reducing tuition, room, board, and fees to make college more affordable as to not strap graduates with the equivalent of a mortgage, which is having a chilling effect on families and wealth creation.

Expand Financial Aid

As part of his plan to make college more affordable, Jim Trakas supports increased financial aid for students studying for careers in high-demand fields. This plan will improve college access and strengthen our workforce.

A Return To What Works

Colleges and Universities need to eliminate major fields of study that do not lead to private sector employment, and must also re-align their priorities from social justice liberalism, to critical thinking students. We must also insist upon a mandatory understanding of capitalism and Western Civilization, the reason most of our ancestors came to the USA and why American Exceptionalism is so important.

The Drug Crisis

A Crisis That Must Be Solved – Substance Abuse and Addiction 

Jim Trakas will work with law enforcement, prosecutors and specialists in the addiction arena to help Ohio fight the drug crisis. He supports more resources for local agencies to combat the scourge of abuse. Jim Trakas believes in tougher penalties for drug dealers and supports giving Judges more discretion to lock up criminals and keep Ohio families safer.

Our Values

Creating a Culture of Respect and Life 

Disturbing cultural trends are degrading our society, cheapening life, and contributing to the decline in our civil discourse. Jim Trakas believes that we must restore respect for one another, and opposes abortion on demand except in the cases of rape, incest, or a mother’s life is at risk. Let us restore the innocence of childhood and protect Ohio children from these assaults. Rep. Marlene Anielski has been a leader in the field of suicide prevention, and Jim Trakas will continue those efforts to provide hope for each and every Ohioan.